EdTech AI Assistant for Teaching professionals in Africa

Powerful EdTech AI to train, encourage and assist teachers/lecturers with their academic tasks - such as creating routine academic documents. Makes 21st century teaching as easy as a walk in the park.

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EdTech AI Assistant for Students in Africa

Clever EdTech AI to introduce students to the concepts of 21st century learning. Creates e-assignments, prepares students for the work environment, encourages students and helps them to get better grades.

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FREE EdTech Training - SPACE RAIN project

Free training on how to get the most out of education technology in your school or college. A representative will contact your school in Africa to provide hands-on training on transforming your school into a 21st century school. Your school can benefit after an initial audit conducted by key personnel based in our Cambridge office.





We research and develop technology (especially EdTech [education technology]) to ensure that our end-users are working smarter, not harder. We integrate elements of artificial intelligence into our products and ensure that we do everything we can to reduce redundant/unnecessary data (including processes).


Our projects (and missions) normally take us into uncharted territories where people say "it's not possible", "it won't work", "yeah, but", "you know" but we say "why not?". We are gradually eliminating the impossible by turning our projects into possibilities and probabilities. We do this by basing our work on simplicity, consistency, efficiency, quality and creativity.




We focus on problems in the education industry internationally, we engage the stakeholders, carry out detailed analysis, including feasibility studies for about 180 days.

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We take the findings from our research as input, turn it into a proper software project and essentially engineer an EdTech solution based on the latest software engineering principles.

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We develop (test, release and support) software/hardware to solve the problems identified during the research we carried out. We keep our software & hardware as simple as it needs to be and we make sure that it makes life easier for our end users.

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Industry: Education


Target Audience: Teachers & Students in Africa

THE STORY BEHIND OUR SPACE RAIN PROJECT IN AFRICA: Despite massive technological advancements worldwide, we noticed that there have been hardly any significant leaps in the quality of education in many African countries.

Teachers and students have very little assistance
when it comes to resources, software, learning
materials, teaching standards and guidance. This project was launched in 2017 to address and contain these problems on a large scale across Africa.

We decided that we were going to use EdTech
(education technology) to partially solve some of the
problems we observed.

IMPOSSIBLE? Due to the technological challenges, lack of funding, problems with infrastructure and consumer behaviour in the education industry in Africa, it was perceived by many that it is impossible to improve the quality of education. This means that no one can really successfully create any software or any solution that can help teachers and students improve; basically that it is impossible to raise the quality of education in Africa.

HOW DID WE ELIMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE? Lots of hard work, market research, artificial intelligence, thinking outside the box, marketing on social media, inventing new technology, research, design, developing new technology, seed capital and constantly reviewing/improving/refreshing what we created.

Our short answer would be - SAMANTHA & Dr. JANE.


  • Research: Ongoing
  • Design: Ongoing
  • Development: Ongoing

RESULTS: As at Q2 2019, we've reached an estimated 1K teachers and students across Africa.

EdTech AI Assistants - PORGiESOFT
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
SAMANTHA - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant
Dr. JANE - EdTech AI Assistant


To create EdTech AI Assistants will initially run on Windows computers, laptops or tablets and will:

(1) introduce students/teachers to 21st century learning methods
(2) assist teachers in monitoring the health of students in the classroom
(3) provide knowledge about 21st century educational practices being used in developed countries in the world
(4) provide students/teachers with career advice about future career options
(5) prepare students for the work environment
(6) encourage students/teachers to use technology more in their learning
(7) quickly create standardised academic documentation



You can work with us on our EdTech Project by becoming an Official Partner or by providing some other form of technical contribution or operational support during the lifetime of our project. Details of our Official Partner plans are available on our Official Partners page. Due to the scope of our project, there are many opportunities for us to work together.




If you are an investor or from a venture capital firm that is interested in participating in our seed round, please contact the company representative who reached out to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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