Auditing - Fraud Operations

Driven by our anti-fraud expertise we offer audit services to deliver audit activities across the spectrum of your fraud operations within your organisation. We dive deeper to better understand your organisation, sector before we audit, evaluate and assess the state of all your fraud-focused control mechanisms. We finally produce a report detailing our findings.

Consulting - Cyber-security

We provide cybersecurity consulting services to help your organisation across specific projects or to lead some business transformation or innovation. We leverage our industry knowledge to support your organisational objectives and to help you navigate the pitfalls. We work closely with your team to understand your objectives and the problems you're trying to address, we then lead on developing strategies and solutions.

Digital Forensics

We provide digital forensic services on fraud datasets to help organisations better understand vulnerabilities, threat actor techniques and key insights into fraud data. The output of our digital forensic services can strengthen the ability of the organisation to connect the dots in understanding fraud, classifying attacks and taking decisive action in response.

Why our services are important

  1. Fraud is extremely complex, evolves constantly but there's also so much to process. Fraud puts both organisations and consumers at risk
  2. Many organisations lack the capability and the full set of expertise to effectively tackle fraud - there are usually gaps especially in terms of people, policy, strategy, technology and fraud incident response
  3. Senior leaders are already busy addressing so many challenges, projects and BAU activities. Our services complement internal activities and support organisations in reaching their strategic goals more quickly
  4. Fraud is now the most common crime in the UK, Fraud and cybercrime losses totalled more than £1.3 billion in the first 7 months of 2021

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