PORGiESOFT Announces Release of Dr. Jane™ Mobile App to Support 21st-Century Education in Africa

May 22, 2020 (Cambridge, UK) - PORGiESOFT, an EdTech startup based in Cambridge focusing on innovative EdTech solutions for Africa today announced the initial release of the Dr. Jane ™ mobile app, an EdTech assistant to support 21st-century education for teachers and lecturers in Africa. Dr. Jane ™ provides teaching techniques, tips and tools to support 21st-century education in Africa, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile app is part of PORGiESOFT's solution in resolving the education technology problem in Africa and in addressing the no EdTech training or lack of quality EdTech training materials issue that many teachers and lecturers in Africa currently face.


“We’re hoping to have thousands of teachers and lecturers in Africa using this EdTech assistant app as they switch to a digital-mode of teaching. The release of this app is part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, as part of that COVID-19 response, we’re also using this opportunity to further support teachers and lecturers in Africa with free EdTech training every quarter – the release of this app is firmly in line with that strategy.” The Dr. Jane ™ mobile app is a basic version of the full version of Dr. Jane ™ that is currently available on Windows, the Dr. Jane ™ mobile app has the following features:

    • Simple Sign Up: Install and sign up quickly using an email address
    • Training Material on 21st-century Education: Quickly access training material related to 21st-century education for teachers and lecturers.
    • Long-term Plan: Record your long-term future plans as a teacher or lecturer.
    • Teaching Techniques – 21st-century Education: Learn teaching techniques you can apply when introducing 21st-century teaching in Africa.
    • Africa-Specific Teaching Tips to Improve Teaching: See tips you can apply to continue teaching brilliantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
    • Training Videos: Watch training videos created for Africa that highlight practical points you can apply to enhance your overall teaching style, teaching methods, techniques and your classroom behaviour management strategy.
    • Free Training for Teachers/Lecturers: Learn more about free EdTech training sessions we’re organising in the future and how you can benefit from upskilling.
    • Digital Document Storage and Management: Upload, store, view, manage and share your PDF digital academic documents (e.g. Assignment Briefs, Academic Letters, e-Lesson Notes etc) from one central location using your digital documents folder.
    • Best Tools for Teaching in Africa: Access and learn more about how you can use the latest tools being used by teachers and lecturers in developed countries. See examples of how you can use these tools while teaching in Africa.


“The feedback we’ve received so far following our pilot release has been very positive and we’d love to see more teachers and lecturers in Africa adopt 21st-century teaching methods, we definitely believe that the Dr. Jane ™ mobile app will make this transition to 21st-century teaching easier.” said George Brown, PORGiESOFT’s CEO and CTO. “With Dr. Jane ™ as an EdTech Assistant available on mobile to support teachers and lecturers in Africa, the techniques, the knowledge, concepts and tools to improve education in Africa will be at the fingertips of thousands of teachers and lecturers.”




Dr. Jane mobile app is available now for download/installation on Android and iOS devices. To sign up on Android, please (1) Visit drjane.porgiesoft.com [signup required], (2) Click “Add to Home screen” to install.

To sign up on iOS, please – (1) Visit drjane.porgiesoft.com [Sign up required] (2) Click on the "Share" icon located at the bottom of the page (3) Click the "Add to Home screen" button (4) Click “Add” [The app will now be available in your list of installed apps]



PORGiESOFT is on a mission to modernise learning and teaching across Africa, we are doing this by introducing 21st-century learning and teaching. We are an EdTech startup based in Cambridge, but we actively work in Africa. We are trying to modernise education in Africa and provide smart learning/teaching tools that make learning enjoyable. We were founded in 2018.


We have invented the first EdTech AI Assistants - SAMANTHA ™ and Dr. JANE ™. Our Free EdTech AI Assistants run on Windows computers (and Android phones - coming soon) and are used by schools, colleges and universities across West Africa. We aim to help teachers, lecturers and students become 21st-century conversant in terms of their use of technology.




MAY 22, 2020